Heath Kirchart

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Heath Kirchart is my favorite skateboarder. Heath Kirchart is quiet, underexposed and just insane.

I will never forget the photo I saw of him in the Skateboard Mag, where Heath Kirchart does a noseblunt slide on this kinked rail. You have to understand, this is not just any noseblunt slide. Heath Kirchart ollies over this super long kinked rail, and smacks the nose down on the last portion of the rail. Heath Kirchart is crazy. Heath Kirchart also lipslid the scariest rail of all time. This rail is at UCI. It’s a 22. The rail is on the side of the staircase, with a 30ft drop just on the other side. If one were to get caught up on this rail, it could possibly be the end of their life. I give Heath Kirchart mad respect for even attempting it.

Heath Kirchart – Hammer Hall of Fame

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