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Evan Hernandez was one of the young ams that Baker Skateboards was brewing in the early 2000s. He had a pretty good part in Transworlds’s In Bloom and in Digital’s Everyday video.

Back in the early Baker years Evan, Knox Godoy, and Terry Kennedy were the three young amateurs that were being primed to be Baker’s future team. Ironically, only Terry Kennedy made it to the big time. I have a feeling it had to do with some industry blacklisting, but who knows.

Evan Hernandez – In Bloom

Evan Hernandez | Full Clip Friday

Evan hernandez Digital Everyday

Evan Hernandez’s “Throwback” part

El Skate Shop had a short relationship with both Knox and Evan. Knox would come by to our shop and sell his Seek and DC clothing. A couple year’s later a friend of ours introduced us to Evan while he was representing Legacy Skateboard products. I was surprised to find out how genuine Evan had become. He is actually a really nice guy. For some reason a lot of local rumors had painted Evan up to be the opposite. I figured he had just grown up and matured.

Factoid: Evan Hernandez has since left Baker Skateboards and moved on to work at Krew clothing. I think he led an instrumental role in the creation of Krew.

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