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Bam Margera is one of those skaters you either love or hate. How did Bam Margera rise to such popularity? Well I guess it all started when Bam met Mike Maldonado in Pennsylvania. Mike met Bam Margera at a skatepark and got Bam Margera to start skating street. As time went on, Bam Margera got sponsored. In a wise move, Bam Margera decided to quit school and move to California to pursue skateboarding (even though this is rarely a wise move). This was probably during the mid 1990s.

At that time Bam Margera was sponsored by Landspeed Wheels and Toy Machine Skateboards. Bam Margera, with the help of friends, create the CKY video. This video was named after Bam Margera’s brother’s band, CKY. This video was filled with more antics and skits than skateboarding, and pulled a lot of influences from Big Brother’s SHIT video (released in 1994 – best skate video of all time). CKY was not a big hit, but a few years later Bam Margera and friends released CKY2k. This video found it’s way to every male between the ages of 13 to 25 all over the world. CKY2k was a masterpiece that accurately displayed the life of a wild American skateboarder.

Bam Margera’s world wide popularity has increase exponentially since the release of CKY2k and now is a household name across the world. Bam Margera is living proof that risk taking can get you places.

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Bam Margera Skateboard Decks

Element Skateboards Bam Margera Bears Deck
Bam Margera Bears Deck
Element Skateboards Bam Margera Feather Deck
Bam Feather Deck
Element Skateboards Bam Margera Lava Deck
Bam Margera Lava Deck
Element Skateboards Bam Margera Mountain Man Deck
Element Bam Margera Mountain Man Deck
Element Skateboards Bam Margera Remix Deck
Element Bam Margera Remix Deck

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