Brian Wenning

Rode for Habitat for a while. Then switched to Plan B. Not sure if he is still on Plan B or not. Wenning boards are usually mellow in terms of concave. I bet his Habitat boards were the best. Too bad those days are over.

Brian Wenning’s Part from The DC Video

I remember when this video came out. People were obsessed with this guy’s style. And then he kind of faded out of skate scene. Watch that clip to see what I’m talking about.

Being in the DC Video was a huge deal at the time. I don’t they had ever released a skate video – so to be in the first one was to be treated like skateboarding royalty. You would think your skating career would be have enough of a boost to keep you going for five or so years. Actually, watching this part again, he had one of the best ledge skating styles I think I’ve ever seen. Super smooth. He may have set the steez for that generation.

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