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John Cardiel is rad. The guy skates mostly tranny and park stuff, but he flies through them. Balls to the wall style. He also grinds some of the gnarliest rails known to man. All around dope skateboarder.

He had a bad accident in Australia a few years ago and was temporarily paralyzed. It was pretty scary. It seemed like he was going to be that way for the rest of his life, but he somehow willed himself out of it. Totally amazing! We were super stoked to hear that. The guy has an awesome spirit and it’s cool to see it work for him through some of his roughest times.

John Cardiel – S.O.T.Y. (Classic John Cardiel footy from 1992)

John Cardiel, Sight Unseen (TransWorld SKATEboarding)

John Cardiel’s “Cash Money Vagrant

Memory Screen: John Cardiel

John has been on Anti-Hero Skateboards and Spitfire Wheels for a while now. He is kind of a made man over there. Watch his episodes on and you’ll be pretty impressed with him as we were.

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antihero john cardiel howell skateboard deck
John Cardiel Howell Board
antihero john cardiel hellhound skateboard deck
John Cardiel Hellhound

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