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This guy lives so far away from the skateboard scene it must be easy for him to remain pro.

Rock on east coasters. Ed owns a skateboard shop in Miami called MIA. Here is a link to his website: miaskateshop.com

Ed Selego – Adio One Step Beyond

Ed Selego – Habitat Mosaic

Ed Selego Commentary – TransWorld SKATEboarding

Ed Selego in 1997 video “Rising”

There is a trick in this video that blows my mind. It’s one of those tricks that quickly passes by and you’re like, “cool”, but you really don’t realize how insane it is until you see the spot in person. He 5-0 grinds a newspaper stand in Downtown L.A. The gap out to the newspaper stand is pretty far. The stand is sketchy as hell. Like it’s flimsy as shit. Even if I could pull off a gap out to 5-0, I would never mess around with a flimsy ass metal structure like that.

On Social:

Instagram: instagram.com/edselego

Sponsors (Current & Past)

  • MIA Skate Shop
  • Skatepark of Tampa

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