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Ed Templeton is the owner and creative director (I’m sure he hates that name) of Toy Machine Skateboards.

Ed is a big guy so he rides 8 inch decks and wider. Toy wood is pretty good, so support a long standing pioneer of skateboarding and git yourself a Toy Machine deck!

Factoid: Big Brother magazine wouldn’t give Ed a cover unless he had a boner doing a trick. WHAT HAPPENED TO SKATEBOARDING?!? That shit is awesome.

Another Factoid: Ed ran A&P Quarterly art magazine. We used to get them at my apartment because my roommate was like the delivery dude for the mag. It was awesome. There once was a photo of the late Chris Burden (RIP) shooting at a jet taking off from LAX. Where are you going to see stuff like that?

Ed Templeton in the classic Welcome To Hell

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Ed Templeton & Mike Vallely New Deal Demo WI (90’s)

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Ed Templeton – First Try Friday

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Facebook page: facebook.com/edtempletonofficial

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