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They should make an Elissa Steamer board with a big steaming shit on it and entitle it “Elissa’s Steamer”.

UPDATE: You know what is hilarious about this above statement? One day we get a call from Elissa’s Mom. She tells us she is looking at this page. At first we kind of worry that she is going to be pissed off. Then she starts laughing, saying this is super funny. Apparently she was just surfing the internet and found this page. Apparently her mom is really cool and has a good sense of humor. Elissa’s mom rules!

Elissa Streamer – Welcome To Hell

Bootleg 3000: Elissa Steamer (2003)

Elissa Steamer – Jump off a Building

Elissa Steamer Ride Or Die – Shake Junt

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Facebook page: facebook.com/steamer.elissa
Instagram: instagram.com/gnarhunters

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