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Dustin Dollin understands what a real skateboarder is.

What I think Dustin Dollin was saying is that their are a bunch of skateboarders who don’t land the tricks in their photos. I think this is common practice these days. Now that I think of if, every Dustin Dollin photo I have ever seen is a sequence.

Dustin Dollin at Hollywood High – Baker 3

I will never forget Baker Bootleg, where there is a scene of Dustin Dollin screaming into the camera. It is the most high pitched noise ever recorded by a camera. The Dustin Dollin PD logo deck has been very popular at El Skate Shop.

Dustin Dollin Skateboard Decks From Years Past


baker dollin skullbowl

Baker Dollin Skullbowl


Baker Dollin Divine

baker dustin dollin video grab

Dollin Video Grab

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