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“He is not related to Mike Taylor, Kevin is a great skater.”

Like most of us Kevin Taylor started skateboarding becuase he saw other kids in the nieghborhood skating. For him (like me) he started with buttboarding and eventually moved all the way up into professional skateboarding status. His early influences were skaters like Sean Sheffey, Ray Barbee and Matt Hensley.
Kevin’s first sponsors were Little Skateboards and then a company called Capital. At Capital Kevin toured Japan and did a skate demo right next to where the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. The rumor is Capital went out of business because the owner had a gambling problem. Next, Jason Dill introduced Kevin to Aesthetics Skateboards which is now also defunct. Kevin spent a lot of time skating with Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams at the Love Park in Philly.

Kevin Taylor Krooked Guest Pro

Kevin Taylor Axion – TransWorld SKATEboarding

Zoo York State of Mind

Zoo York always had the dopest videos I love that city skate feel.

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Sponsors (Current & Past)

  • Zoo York
  • 550 Wheels
  • Orion Trucks
  • Nocturnal Skateshop
  • Philalephia Skateboard Supply
  • Diamond


Zoo York Skateboards Owens Taylor Deck
Zoo York Skateboards Owens Taylor Deck

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