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Riley Hawk

Riley Hawk, the son of Tony Hawk. Looks like he went the street skating route and not so much the vert route.

Believe it or not Riley’s dad didn’t FORCE Riley to become a skateboarder. Tony said, “Whatever you want to do.” And as a matter of fact, Riley took a big break from skateboarding during his High School years (which is when most people hone their skating skills). Pretty different.

As for non-skating activities, Riley like to go dirt bike riding with Mr. Steve Caballero. The first boards he got flowed were not from Birdhouse but from Sixteen Skateboards. Surprise. Surprise. He skated CASL (California Amateur Skate League) which is something I recommend checking out if you want a career in skateboarding….and you live in California. I’m sure other states have something similar.


  • Stance: Goofy
  • D.O.B.: 12/6/92
  • Dad: Tony

Riley Hawk Video Parts

Baker 4

Good part. A little short. Great song.

The Flare

Great part. I can’t believe no one used this Metallica song before. Brought back memories.

Extra Flare

This is a 15 minute video collaboration between Lakai and Thrasher Magazine. It opens with Riley ollie-ing out of a ditch and onto a pipe that crosses the ditch water channel he just ollies out of. He rides the pipe across the water channel ditch thingy and then ollies into the ditch tranny. I thoroughly enjoyed watching that.

Next is a three trick run and a nasty digger on a kinked rail. Man that’s stressful. To have to do that for a paycheck. “Look, I already back tailed that, nose grinded that, threw a 3 flip in there, and then you want me to smith grind a kinked rail?” But maybe he wanted it?

Other highlights:

  • New Dumpster Skating! Never seen anyone skate the dumpster latch pole. That’s progress!
  • Lots of ditch skating. PRO-TIP: Wear a leather jacket if you’re going to skate a ditch and you plan on doing some harry stuff. You never know what kind of bacteria they got in there.
  • The ender is sick. I’m not going to spoil it. It’s beautiful.

Shep Dawgs 5

No music. Lots of rough spots. Sticky rails. A little ditch action. Krooked grinding kinked rails. There’s a super gnarly ditch he skates into via tail slide on flexible pipe??. Crazy. Shep Dawgs comes from a misspelling, well a graffiti mistake made by his friend that was done inside Riley’s bedroom as a teenager. Whoops.

Other Videos

The Nine Club Episode 136

He doesn’t like attention. He’s never told anyone that Tony Hawk is his dad. He’s very modest. He has a Bruce Willis tattoo.

Whoa. He talks about a really interesting skate industry thing: Kids who should be going to school but get tempted to go on tour instead. There are skaters that get on teams as a teenager and they get really good at skating. The companies they ride for will offer them a spot on a tour trip and it sometimes coincides with their school schedule. The companies never say “oh you should go to school”’s more like, “so you wanna come? Ok rad!”. Slightly unethical.

Riley Hawk Day In The Life

At the time that this was filmed Riley was living in what appears to be a Southern California beach bungalow with his homies. Ah! It must be Oceanside. Two step skate shop and a pool table – what else do you need in life? And some dude makes surfboards in the backyard. Wut? He makes surfboard fins out of old Baker decks. Good to see some recycling going on.

Birdhouse: The End

Riley makes an appearance during Bucky Lasek’s part as a baby. Banging his silverware.

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