Skater Profile: Stevie Williams

Stevie’s story is one of the most inspirational “life” stories of all time. Stevie grew up in Philadelphia skating Love Park and the other downtown spots. He moved to the Bay Area and was barely making ends meet. He was really close to calling it quits on his skateboarding career and moving back to Philadelphia. Luckily, Chocolate Skateboards decided to put him on the team – and from there he blew up.

Stevie board control and just super tight, flawless style is unmatched. It really was just a matter of time before he grew fame. His pure talent is unavoidable. The world had to see it. Look at this video part:

DGK is now a super brand and has been for almost 10 years now. It’s seriously been one of the most amazing things to see grow in this industry.

We even doubted DGK when it first started. Simply, there were too many board companies coming out during the early 2000s. And the problem with board companies is there isn’t much the separates them. Most board companies get their wood from the same places. So at the end of the day it’s just slightly different shapes, different graphics and the team image that vary. So the competition is really tough – even though no company is actually competitive. And since the popularity of board companies come and go, a new board company usually sounds like a bad idea (business wise).

So when DGK started, probably 12 other companies jumped in the same year. We basically doubted all of them. The market was full of board companies that were already killing it. Back then it was Element, Flip, Girl and Baker. Somehow, through pure determination and a really tight and focused style – DGK became one hell of a brand.

It almost seems like DGK filled the void that Shorty’s couldn’t fill for whatever reason.

And we attribute DGK’s success to Stevie’s pure positive energy. He wanted it. He stayed positive and it happened. I think everyone can learn something from this story.

One last thing: every time you see Stevie in an interview – he’s incredibly grateful to all the people who helped him get where he is. There’s no snobby or obnoxious attitude. He’s just real.

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DGK Summer Stevie Williams Skateboard Deck
DGK Summer Stevie Williams Skateboard Deck