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Bam Margera

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Bam Margera is one of those skaters you either love or hate. How did Bam Margera rise to such popularity? Well I guess it all started when Bam met Mike Maldonado in Pennsylvania. Mike met Bam Margera at a skatepark and got Bam Margera to start skating street. As time went on, Bam Margera got sponsored. In a wise move, Bam Margera decided to quit school and move to California to pursue skateboarding (even though this is rarely a wise move). This was probably during the mid 1990s.
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Bootleg 3000

This video must live on.

This is from that weird era when there were two companies: Baker and Bootleg. They had the same font in their logos. Both teams kind of had the same demeanor. It was almost like Girl and Chocolate – but it wasn’t. They were two completely different companies ran out of two different distributions.

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