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Alan Peterson

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Alan Peterson. I think this guy rides for World I’m not sure, He has this 2 live crew ad on the back of a Transworld Mag.

Alan Peterson’s part from SMA Debunker (1991)

O.K. that opening scene in the video above has probably never been done again. 25 years an no one has touched that massive set of stairs.

He uses a commercial building’s roof as tranny practice! Awesome. This video part is a little slow and sloppy (those were the times), but he pulls off some amazing tricks – still impressed to this very day.

More videos with Alan:

The Vault: Alan Peterson

Alan Peterson – Consolidated Is What It Is

First Look: Alan Petersen

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Billy Marks

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Billy Marks rides for Toy Machine. Toy Machine decks are pretty damn good. Always hard to get though, they keep their distribution pretty tight.

Billy Marks Good and Evil part

“Raw, Flipping in to every which way. Sliding the last inch of every rail. It’s fucking tight.” – Jeremy on Billy’s Good and Evil part

Billy’s boards used to range from 7.5″ to 7.625″ mostly. But that was back in the early 2000s. I’m guessing that now-a-days, they’re in the 8″ range since everything has gotten bigger. It’s weird too because all the Flip guys were skating big boards back in the early 2000s. Big boards make for stronger ones and some say they make your flips nice and slow looking. All stylish…

More video:

The Christmas Commander | Billy Marks

Billy Marks 2020 | Steezy Mixtape

Billy Marks Skateboarding Mix!

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Brad Bowman

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The legendary old schooler. Old schoolers get mad props since they had the balls to do gnarly shit and not get any money for it.

Brad Bowman skating Marina Del Rey skatepark 1979

That video shows Brad skating the famous Marina Del Rey skatepark. That was like the Mecca for skateboarding in the late 1970s and early 1980s. You can see that he’s wearing a “Dog Bowl Pro” contest garment. I’m sure Dog Bowl refers to the bowl he’s skating in and since it’s next to Venice, CA (a.k.a Dogtown) – that’s probably where the contest name originates from.

The amazing thing about these old bowl / pool skaters is that many of them are still at it to this day! I guess concrete is more forgiving than I thought :).

If you have ever seen the Bob Burnquist “Double B” deck, I think it originally came from a Brad Bowman deck.

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Ben Gilley

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The man, the myth, the legend. He 50/50-ed the El Toro 20 stair rail.

Ben Gilley vs. the El Toro 20

Ben rode for Black Label Skateboards back in the early to mid 2000s. In the video above he also 5-0s that monster rail and I think blows threw another few tricks – totally owning it. Our former team member, Matt Bublitz also board slid it in 2004. He was just a little dude then.

Anyway, as you can see, Ben was a total powerhouse. One of the classic hammersmiths from that golden age of street skating.

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Aaron Suski

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I first saw this guy on the Emerica video I think. I strange to think that you would first hear about a skater in the Emerica video.

Aaron Suski’s part from Emerica This is Skateboarding

Aaron Suski – Satori Stories

Hell on Wheels: Aaron Suski

Aaron’s is the godfather of the millennial style: he’s got tranny down, speed, and a killer street steez. And of course he gets the extra cool cred of being East Coast raw. NOTE: Being from somewhere other than California can be a huge boost to your skating career 🙂 (assuming you’re a sick skater to begin with).

If you’re looking for a great example of a salad grind – watch the videos above. That’s a great style to emulate. It’s clean, powerful, has it all tweaked out in a noticeable angle. I was watching Steve Caballero do salad grinds in a trick tip video – and even Cab doesn’t get them as tweaked out as Aaron does.

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Brian Sumner

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“Brian Sumner is the nicest pro you will ever meet. But if you take advantage of this fact I will personally kick your ass.”

Brian’s part from Adio’s One Step Beyond

Brian Sumner – Comeback Skateboard Part Birdhouse – The Beginning

Yep that’s right. Brian Sumner knows karate. And he is not afraid to use it. There was a story going around that Brian had a hard time with getting into fights. It’s weird because he seems like such a refined English Gentlemen. We use to see him drive around town in a Mini Copper with the British Flag painted on top. He also has a little Chihuahua companion that rides shotgun. It’s kind of awesome when you think about it. Here is this completely non-aggressive looking guy with a toy dog that can kick your ass.

Brian is a really good skateboarder. Unfortunately it seems that he has had very little opportunities to display his skating. The only two videos I can think of that he was in Adio’s One Step Beyond and Birdhouse’s The End. Those videos are approaching ten years of age. Hopefully we’ll see some more parts from Brian in the near future.

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Bastien Salabanzi

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Ok we have this thing for Bastien Salabanzi. He used to skate in front of our operation all the time because we were next to the Flip Filmer’s headquarters. To us he was totally insane. Possibly the world’s best skateboarder.

Bastien Salabanzi: The Lost Part

Bastien Salabanzi’s “Not So Sorry” Part

Bastien Salabanzi’s “Sorry Era” Retrospective Video

Bastien Salabanzi Show

Bastien Salabanzi + Tom Penny Sesh!

Street League’s Best of 2013: Bastien Salabanzi

Bastien Salabanzi 2020 | Steezy Mixtape | RAW Instagram Skateboarding Clips

Medical Leave Of Absence – Bastien Salabanzi

Bastien Salabanzi | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 109

Bastien Salabanzi – Stop And Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

Jart Skateboards – All you need – Bastien Salabanzi

We heard through the grapevine he may have had a slight attitude problem, but whatever – who doesn’t right? He had an amazing part in Sorry, started winning tons of contests, maybe even got a shoe contract. Then he completely disappeared. Totally disappeared off the face of the earth. Well here he is killing it again.

So this is what I don’t get: Is he just doing the underground thing? Kind of like what Tom Penny did back in the late 1990s. Just hiding out? But then he pops out at contests and takes home winnings. Why doesn’t Plan B or Element try to pick him up? Is it because he has lost all his notoriety and none of the younger skater generation knows who he is? I’m sure with 4 weeks of magazine publicity and some Youtube effort he could be back on top.

Then there is the dark dark possibility of being blacklisted. This does happen to pro skaters every once in a while. If certain industry heads or the industry as a whole doesn’t like you, then you’re totally screwed. I’m pretty sure this happened to Chad Fernandez, Andy Macdonald, Gershon Mosely and Benji Galloway.

Original Excerpt

The story of Bastien is an odd one. He started off as a young kid on Flip. They found him in France and threw him on the team. His part in Sorry was incredible for the time. The next year after Sorry he won every street contest and became a poster child for Quiksilver. Then in 2004 he completely fell off the face of the planet. The word around the street was that he had a “bad attitude”. But when you are the good, you usually shake off the attitude issue and come back at some point. Bastien was a machine, he was a total natural at skateboarding. You don’t just disappear like that. The interesting thing is there was a pro for Flip in 1999 that followed a similar legacy. Spooky.

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Bam Margera

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Bam Margera is one of those skaters you either love or hate. How did Bam Margera rise to such popularity? Well I guess it all started when Bam met Mike Maldonado in Pennsylvania. Mike met Bam Margera at a skatepark and got Bam Margera to start skating street. As time went on, Bam Margera got sponsored. In a wise move, Bam Margera decided to quit school and move to California to pursue skateboarding (even though this is rarely a wise move). This was probably during the mid 1990s.
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