El Skate Shop - The Wildest Skateboard Shop in the West

El Skate Shop began in 2002 as online shop AND brick and mortar shop in Huntington Beach, CA. At 177 square feet we were fairly certain we owned the title of "Smallest Skate Shop in The World".

We also went by the slogan of "The Almost Non-Profit Skate Shop" where we priced our inventory very low in order to make easier for people to keep skating. You could buy blank decks from $16 to $20. Grip was $3.

As of 2021, elskateshop.com is mostly an archival site. However, we still do sell grip tape, wax and hardware and may one day get back into the business of selling skate goods.

Past team riders included Dallas Rockvam, Aaron Babila, Chris Treiber, Chris Hernandez, Mike Davidson, Matt Bublitz, Amber Moffatt, Darrell Noran, Eric Ricks and Ryan Fitch.

Check out some skater profiles like Wee Man, Bam Margera, Danny Way, Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Riley Hawk and Geoff Rowley. We try our hardest to make these entertaining reads. If not, let us know and we'll revise em for ya.
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  • Alex Gall
  • Chris Cole
  • Evan Hernandez
  • Mikey Taylor
  • Paul Rodriguez
  • Tony Trujillo

El Commander Says:

The TNT (Tony Trujillo) part still can be used as a substitute for my morning coffee routine. Sh*t is an electric zap. Makes you want to rush out the door with your board and go full-gnar.

And Evan! We love Evan. He used to hook us up with decks back in the day. Super nice dude. We hope he is doing well these days.