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Osiris D3

Osiris D3Osiris Men’s D3 2001 Skate Shoe. You can’t go wrong with this shoes! Pick it up today.

This is a funny story.

When we launched El Skate Shop back in the 1990s, the very first account we got was with Arcade Skateboards and their distribution. I can’t remember the name of the distro – but they sold Arcade Skateboards, Evol Snowboards and they had just released Osiris Shoes. Continue reading

Riley Hawk

Riley Hawk, the son of Tony Hawk. Looks like he went the street skating route and not so much the vert route.

Believe it or not Riley’s dad didn’t FORCE Riley to become a skateboarder. Tony said, “Whatever you want to do.” And as a matter of fact, Riley took a big break from skateboarding during his High School years (which is when most people hone their skating skills). Pretty different. Continue reading

Wee Man

Wee Man!

Wee ManDogtown Skateboard Deck Wee Man Sabotage Black 9.25″x31.7″ Old School. You can’t go wrong with this deck! Pick it up today.

Wow. Where do I begin. Wee Man sold me my FIRST double-kicktail skateboard deck. Before 1991 skateboards basically looked like fish. Then good ol’ Rodney Mullen invented the popsicle shaped boards most of us ride today. Continue reading

Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales is THE Godfather of street skating.

He represents the pure spirit of the street skateboarder. He does it for the love and fun of it – and it shows in every turn, ollie and smile that vibrates like electromagnetic radiation, pilfering your body with Gonz particles – all traveling at the speed of Gonz. Continue reading