El Skate Shop - The Wildest Skateboard Shop in the West

El Skate Shop began in 2002 as online shop AND brick and mortar shop in Huntington Beach, CA. At 177 square feet we were fairly certain we owned the title of "Smallest Skate Shop in The World".

We also went by the slogan of "The Almost Non-Profit Skate Shop" where we priced our inventory very low in order to make easier for people to keep skating. You could buy blank decks from $16 to $20. Grip was $3.

As of 2021, elskateshop.com is mostly an archival site. However, we still do sell grip tape, wax and hardware and may one day get back into the business of selling skate goods.

Past team riders included Dallas Rockvam, Aaron Babila, Chris Treiber, Chris Hernandez, Mike Davidson, Matt Bublitz, Amber Moffatt, Darrell Noran, Eric Ricks and Ryan Fitch.

Check out some skater profiles like Wee Man, Bam Margera, Danny Way, Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Riley Hawk and Geoff Rowley. We try our hardest to make these entertaining reads. If not, let us know and we'll revise em for ya.

This was a video created by Bam Margera, Brandon Dicamillo and Ryan Gee. When this came out I had never seen such an explosion in video popularity ever. This sh*t traveled like wildfire. Every kid (not just skater) had a copy of this video within a year.

I always preface that Bam must have had some influence from the Big Brother Video Shit, because they both share a very similar format; a mixture of hi-jinks and skateboarding. The Shit video spread in a similar fashion in the skateboarding underground, but it was released in the early 1990s (skateboarding wasn’t very big back then and neither was media duplication) so it didn’t have the mechanisms to spread very far.

Most of the video includes Bam and friends f*cking around. Renting cars and destroying them, jumping of buildings and tall structures and landing in either trees, bushes or piles of gravel. There is also a section on land-skiing furniture using cars (instead of boats) and kicking footballs at cars. It’s all pretty juvenile, but when it came out it was quite funny.

There are also some well edited skateboarding montages, which I would have to blame for making skateboarding super popular in the year 2000. I think more people go introduced to skateboarding because of CKY2K than they realize. I think they other part of that equation was definitely Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

More on the rise of skateboarding popularity: A lot of people think that it’s sad. Sad at the fact that skateboarding got most of it’s popularity from Bam Margera and a video game. I think it’s great. Here’s why: Skateboarding is an awesome culture. It’s creative, intelligent, individualistic and anarchistic. Basically it teaches people to think for themselves and not to follow orders. That’s great for teaching people to oppose oppressive regimes, police brutality and messed up governments. Most people will say “kids don’t understand that stuff, they just skate for fun”. This is true, but eventually these characteristics of skateboarding will come through in their later years. I’ve seen this happen over and over again!

Baker Bootleg – The Video


Baker Skateboards

Way back before there was Baker Skateboards, there was this little underground skateboard video called Baker Bootleg. It has nothing to do with any specific skateboard company. It was just a bunch of skateboard footage from skaters like: Andrew Reynolds, Jim Greco, Brian Sumner and Ali Boulala. Actually there were a lot of video parts in there, but those are some of the bigger names that come to mind.

Year Released:

This is the video that sets the tone and style for what Baker Skateboards was going to become. It really is the first Baker video. It’s funny because there was a video for the company before a skateboard company ever formed. So if you want to see some young Reynolds and Greco footage this is the video where it’s at.

This video circulated and became quite popular. Soon enough two skateboard companies formed from this video (well sorta). The first company was Baker Skateboards and the other was Bootleg Skateboards. Baker was started by Andrew Reynolds and Bootleg was started by Jay Strickland. Unfortunately Bootleg didn’t last as long as Baker.

Brandon Turner

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Brandon held it down on Shorty’s for years. I’m pretty sure he was in all their first five or so videos. It’s funny to think back at how big Shorty’s was back in the late 90s. It was like the DGK of that era.

Brandon Turner – SK8MAFIA

Brandon is amazing at popping over things. Whether it’s a huge chain link fence down to street level – or three flipping up on top of big ledges. He definitely still carries that classic Shorty’s / Muska trait of no fear of big things: drops, rails, and gaps.

On Social:

Facebook page: facebook.com/brandon.turner.7146
Instagram: instagram.com/bturner_

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Aaron Artis

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“The new dude on Blind. Blind newest video is coming out this year. Will it rival Video Days?” – El Commander, 2004

Aaron’s Part in Push

Man it sure seemed like Blind was a dead-end for a while. Everyone on that team ended up disappearing. Such a bummer because they had great talent. And the weird, sad story about this goes way back to those days when everyone was feuding with Vision. Blind was the opposite of Vision. The point of Blind was to stick it to Vision. But even in skateboarding, it’s still business and brands can kind of lose their original…well….vision.

More video with Aaron:

Aaron Artis “Like Brothers” part

Aaron Artis “What If” Part

Aaron Artis Skateboarding Classic Clips #73

On Social:

Instagram: instagram.com/aartis253

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Alan Peterson

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Alan Peterson. I think this guy rides for World I’m not sure, He has this 2 live crew ad on the back of a Transworld Mag.

Alan Peterson’s part from SMA Debunker (1991)

O.K. that opening scene in the video above has probably never been done again. 25 years an no one has touched that massive set of stairs.

He uses a commercial building’s roof as tranny practice! Awesome. This video part is a little slow and sloppy (those were the times), but he pulls off some amazing tricks – still impressed to this very day.

More videos with Alan:

The Vault: Alan Peterson

Alan Peterson – Consolidated Is What It Is

First Look: Alan Petersen

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Billy Marks

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Billy Marks rides for Toy Machine. Toy Machine decks are pretty damn good. Always hard to get though, they keep their distribution pretty tight.

Billy Marks Good and Evil part

“Raw, Flipping in to every which way. Sliding the last inch of every rail. It’s fucking tight.” – Jeremy on Billy’s Good and Evil part

Billy’s boards used to range from 7.5″ to 7.625″ mostly. But that was back in the early 2000s. I’m guessing that now-a-days, they’re in the 8″ range since everything has gotten bigger. It’s weird too because all the Flip guys were skating big boards back in the early 2000s. Big boards make for stronger ones and some say they make your flips nice and slow looking. All stylish…

More video:

The Christmas Commander | Billy Marks

Billy Marks 2020 | Steezy Mixtape

Billy Marks Skateboarding Mix!

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Twitter: twitter.com/Billy_Marks
Instagram: instagram.com/billy_marks

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